• The US is increasingly becoming a dangerous place for Asian Americans
  • Biden calls for a collective stand by America against such crimes

When a 21 year old kills 8 people in one day, something is extremely wrong. But when 6 of the killed are American- Asians, one of the motivators is definitely hate and prejudice. The white supremacy thought of school gained momentum and strength during Trump era when he coined the term “China virus”. 

All the Asians killed worked in Massage parlors. The 21 year old stated sexual frustration but there is surely an underlying mechanism of race hate working in the psyche of the man.

Addressing the issue Joe Biden has spoken out stating that hate has no place in America. He had a meeting with Asian-American leaders post which he tweeted to say that law can be good but no law can help unless people stop hating each other. He added that America cannot let hate survive. Biden called on for a collective effort to be made by the Americans to combat this rising wave of Asian hatred.  

Biden also pointed out that complicity can never be the solution for issues like racism and hatred.

Though the investigators are working on the case, it is being increasingly seen that post the pandemic the hate crimes against the Asians in the US have increased many fold. This is obviously on account of the virus originating in China, but fuel to the fire was added by Trump, after he refused to stop using the term Chinese virus.

Biden took a jab on the same stating that words have consequences and that the virus is called coronavirus.

The recent killing of 6 Asian-Americans is not a consequence of an overnight development. This has been building up for years as is evident from the deaths of 3,800 Asians over the years.

Kamala Harris Vice President herself partly Indian also took a stand on the issue.