•             The report was delayed from being published

•             US not happy with the delays suspects tampering

It has been more than a year when the coronavirus first broke out in China and then spread to the rest of the world. The pandemic has been so severe that the world is still grappling with the outbreaks as the new strains have emerged to cause more infection. The virus is mutating and China is still at the receiving end of hate comments for being the harbinger of the virus.

China had teamed up with WHO for a study to understand where did the virus stem from. It has now been found that the virus was inevitably transmitted from bats and other animals to humans.

The report was eagerly waited for, especially by the scientific community to know the findings. This would help them to staunch any other pandemic from the same sources from breaking out again. However, the publication of the report was delayed many times. This has made the US question the methodology and the process that `went into making the report. The reported delays have also made people wonder if China was trying to tweak information in the report.

For the report, a WHO team visited Wuhan where the outbreak began. The team has listed down four possible causes of the virus transmission.

The most likely factor seems to be the bats that carry this virus. Pangolins have also been carrying the virus.  Cold packaged food is also a possible suspect.

The report has a non-conclusive conclusion.