•        Choosing a female astronaut is a big move for an Arab country

•        The astronauts shall be confirmed only after the training they will undergo with NASA

Breaking stereotypes, UAE is becoming increasingly progressive in its outlook.  The country is naming the astronauts for its space program and one of the names is of Noura al-Matraushi, the country’s first-ever female astronaut. She shall accompany Mohammed al-Mulla on the mission.

Noura al-Matraushi is an engineer and works in Abu Dhabi. She is working with National Petroleum Construction Co. in Abu Dhabi.

Both the selected astronauts have been picked up from amongst 4,000 applicants.

Noura’s partner Mulla is a pilot serving the Dubai Police. He heads the training division of the police team. Both the astronauts will undergo space training at the Johnson Space Center of NASA in the US.