•        Biden has set in motion the dismantling of the crippling policies of Trump with regards to the immigration of foreign workforce

•        Yet the random selection process by lottery for H-1B visas has been extended by a year

Joe Biden is facing opposition from a group of people who are opposed to his administration’s intent of going back to the lottery system for the issuance of the H-1B visa. The H-1B is the most sought after work visa by foreign workers. According to the latest update, the Biden administration shall carry on with the lottery system of choosing H-1B visa applicants until December 31, 2021. This has been met with opposition. The initial plan was to implement the rule of giving priority to skill so that the American companies may have access to the foreign pool.

However, the current US government wants to give more time to adjust. Trump has frozen issuing of new H-1B work visas until 31 March 2021.

However, this decision of the Biden administration to extend the selection of H-1B by lottery has angered a group of people. The Federation of Immigration Reform (FAIR) has asserted that the Trump favoured rule will not reduce abuse of the H-1B program. Moreover, FAIR believes that this will not will protect the American workers. 

Currently, the demand for H-1B visa exceeds the set stature.

The opposing group of people state that though Biden talks about being a man who understands the working class, it is ironical that he should be delaying the changes to be made by a year.