Robotics- Stanford-Doggo can jump, trot and flip

Robotics- Stanford-Doggo can jump, trot and flip

A group of students from the Stanford Student Robotics club’s Extreme Mobility team at Stanford University has unveiled a four-legged robot. The robot has been dubbed Stanford Doggo, which can perform acrobatic tricks and can also traverse challenging terrain. The…

Lilum aviation
University of Texas

Latest Artificial Agent perceives surroundings like a Human

The latest innovation of Artificial Intelligence has unveiled an AI agent which perceives the surrounding environment as closely as humans. Computer scientists at the University of Texas, Austin have created the design which will be helpful in carrying out dangerous…

City of San Francisco bans use of facial recognition

City of San Francisco bans use of facial recognition

In a new action, San Francisco legislators have banned use of facial recognition by local agencies. Implementation of the new feature makes San Francisco the first American city to outlaw the feature for city’s transport authority or for law enforcement….

Designs can be created in air via advanced virtual reality technology
Whatsapp discovers a surveillance attack

Whatsapp discovers a surveillance attack

In a recent case of hacking, hackers targeted a “select number” of users on the messaging app WhatsApp. Through surveillance software, the hackers managed to carry out “an advanced cyber actor.” The attack was discovered earlier in May and recent…

Latest AI discovery Hummingbird Robot- flies like a drone, only more superior
nonverbal autism

Project Ijwi: a low-cost device to help children with verbal disabilities

Stephanie Valencia, a twenty-seven-year-old Ph.D. student designs toys to help children with nonverbal autism. Valencia is originally from Colombia has dedicated her research to children living with cognitive, physical, and verbal disabilities. Through her project called Ijwi, Valencia invents devices…

Nest Hub Max by Google

Nest Hub Max: Google’s new brainchild with smart display camera

Google is drawing plans to supersede as one of the top smart speaker maker. In competition with Amazon’s Alexa, Google is launching a 10in version of smart display. The multinational Technology Company made the announcement at Google’s I/O developer conference…