Robotics- Stanford-Doggo can jump, trot and flip

Robotics- Stanford-Doggo can jump, trot and flip

A group of students from the Stanford Student Robotics club’s Extreme Mobility team at Stanford University has unveiled a four-legged robot. The robot has been dubbed Stanford Doggo, which can perform acrobatic tricks and can also traverse challenging terrain. The…

Here is the reason for persistent class based hierarchies in the society: People in higher social class believe they are better than others

Chickens fly high in this Bangkok Restaurant

Kratorn Restaurant in Bangkok is running since 1986, and it is not known for its 33 years of establishment, but for its quirky and entertaining service.  Being one of Thailand’s staples, paucity of a delectable chicken dishes is a rare…

Jacinda Arden answers a request for research in dragons

Jacinda Arden answers a request for research in dragons

In an adorable incident, an eleven-year-old girl wrote to the Government of New Zealand, asking the Prime Minister to conduct research in mythical creatures- the dragons. Reports suggest that the girl apparently added a sum of NZ$5 ($3.20; £2.50) as…

European Broadcasting Union
Popular Video game PubG delisted from China and replaced with a games with socialist themes
Women in Jihad

Women terrorists: an inadequately researched discipline

Gender in the Jihad: Characteristics and Outcomes among Women and Men Involved in Jihadism-Inspired Terrorism examined the characteristics of men and women involved in Jihadism, results of which unveiled distinctive characteristic features between men and women. Remarkable differences were observed…

school for illiterate grandmothers

South Korea: a school for illiterate grandmothers

The country of South Korea is a facing a population crisis, not because the birthrate in the country is skyrocketing, instead because it is plummeting drastically, to less than one child per woman last year. The birth rate was recorded…


Russia launches world’s longest submarine

A new nuclear-armed submarine launched by Moscow is labeled as Belgorod submarine. It was launched on Tuesday, April, 22.  With 604 ft, Belgorod is now also the longest submarine in the world. The sub was built at the Severodvinsk military…