•             Uber driver from Nepal politely informs his rider about cancelling her ride as she was not wearing a mask

•             Women abuse and slur, while physically assaulting him

In yet another case of racism, a video has been shared by a Nepali Uber driver from the United States. The driver picked up three ladies from the Bay area. One of the women was not wearing a mask. When he asked her to wear the same, they abused him and slurred at him. They even physically assaulted him by snatching away his phone and pulling his mask off.

When the riders boarded the cab they were not wearing masks. He then politely informed them that they should step out of the car as he was cancelling the ride. The women became agitated, abusing the driver, and later spraying pepper spray in the car. The trauma of the incident left Subhankar, the driver in shock and he had to take a few days off.

For the abuse he put up with and for detailing the car, uber paid him a total of $120. Meanwhile, Uber has reacted to this incident by stating that the rider (who abused the Uber driver) will no longer have any access to its services.

A GoFundMe page has been started for Subhankar and the page has raised $27,319. This Subhankar said he will send it for his wife and his child back in Nepal